Thursday, 19 January 2017



It is free.

The benefits of smiling are endless. Ask Google, better still, try it yourself. Even fake smiling is beneficial, personally sometimes when I am feeling a bit glum or someone is trying to tell me something I have no business receiving I just begin to smile and I am transported to the magical and often elusive land of joy.

Smiling on the outside is easy, smiling on the inside can be a bit trickier and we could all do with a little help finding our inner smiles. An inside smile is anything that lets you know and feel that everything is ok. It gives you joy, makes you feel love, happiness, giddiness and reminds you what we all really know - all things good come from within. By sharing some of my life with anyone who reads this I hope to make you smile or at the very least encourage you to discover what makes you smile.

Have you ever played a game that only you know you are playing? I do… frequently. Sad? Perhaps, but it brings me so much joy. Testing life theories and laws of attraction gives me life! Walking down the street I just smile at passers-by and am always amazed and invigorated by the number of smiles that I get back and even the occasional “Hello, how are you,” shock, horror.  It’s the law of attraction at its best… let the world know what you want, act, believe and it shall be yours.

I had my kids play a game with me on the school run a few days ago. Before we left the house, I announced that I wanted to see red cars not just any red but a deep (flowerpot from my windowsill) red. Less than five minutes into our walk we saw four cars the exact colour I requested, in close succession. I’ll admit I was not really expecting it to happen for me so soon but when it did it filled me with a joy that I have not felt in a while and even the boys were in near hysteria and I was the cool ninja magician mum, for the minute, until I went into my lecture about the law of attraction and how anything we want we can have if we just believe – not sure how much of this was absorbed but they did ask if we could play on the way home, I of course agreed but told them to both think of car colours that they do not often see and set their intention of wanting to see that colour ready for 3.30.

Home time. No hellos, just colours shouted at me. “Purple!” “Yellow!” Game on! This time the universe was having fun with us purple umbrella, coat, buggy, lower half of a bus. Nothing yellow though and homeboy was chanting “yellow, come on yellow, yellow!” Then I remembered you must set your intentions/goals and let them go, believing that they will happen. So, I change the topic and sure enough, a couple of minutes later we see our first purple car! After some time in a shop we step out and parked right there on a side road is the most beautiful never-before-seen or noticed shade of purple car. We all burst out laughing to the amusement and bewilderment of fellow shoppers. Mr Yellow is not impressed for long, I can tell he is thinking about his delayed order so I send out a mother’s secret plea to the universe, “please come through so this child can understand how wonderful life is.”  Order placed we began playing our usual word association game after a few totally made up words TWO rare YELLOW “black” cabs drove past! This time we were jumping with glee.

We are sorcerers who can conjure up anything we want.

I encourage you to play and smile your way to a happier you.

© 2017

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